12 Must-Read Books About Cryonics

Cappuccino + a great book = perfection

The Classics

Even in a field as “young” as biostasis is, some books are still considered classics

The Prospect of Immortality

The Prospect of Immortality — Fifty Years Later

Philosophical Books

“Life is a lot more fragile than we think” Haruki Murakami-”Dance Dance Dance”

Frozen to Life: A Personal Mortality Experiment

Forever for All: Moral Philosophy, Cryonics, and the Scientific Prospects for Immortality

Technical Books

With an average length of 650-ish pages, these technical volumes are not for the faint of heart

Preserving Minds, Saving Lives: The Best Cryonics Writings From The Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Human Cryopreservation Procedures

Cryostasis Revival: The Recovery of Cryonics Patients through Nanomedicine

Science Fiction

Biostasis might be one of the ways humans will be able to travel immense distances at sub-light speed

A World Out of Time


Young Adult Fiction

Give your kids the tools to explore the world of biostasis

Frozen in Time

Across the Universe





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