A Timeline of Tomorrow.Bio Since Inception

The Founders of Tomorrow.Bio
Dr. Emil Kendziorra (left) and Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro (right)



Outside the Tomorrow.Bio office in Berlin


Establishing the Medical Infrastructure

Inside the Tomorrow.Bio Ambulance in 2021

Debut of the Annual Biostasis Event

The cryonics community gathered at the Biostasis 2021 in Zürich, Switzerland


Start of cryopreservation sign-up

Further expansion of medical infrastructure

Launch of Marketing Initiative

Christmas activities at Tomorrow.Bio after an exciting, but exhausting year


Start of Tomorrow Fellow Program

Finished Construction of Storage Facility

The newly built facility in Rafz, Switzerland will act as a research facility and long-term storage for Tomorrow.Bio’s patients

Update of Website and Launch of Insight

Insight is the place to go if you want to find out more about Biostasis and related topics

2023 and Beyond

Tomorrow.Bio’s Timeline



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Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

We are a Berlin based longevity company committed to advancing Biostasis technology and promoting it in a simple and transparent way. www.tomorrowbiostasis.com