Fear Of Death: What Is It And How To Deal With It

Fearing death is normal, but obsessive thoughts about it can have debilitating effects on mental health

What is the Fear of Death?

Is it Normal to Think About Death?

A fear of the unknown is one reason people are afraid of dying. Most people who fear the unknown also fear the ocean

Different Contributors to the Fear of Death

  • Fear of the Unknown — death is the ultimate unknown. There’s no way for us to know what happens after we die, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable and afraid for it to happen. This is similar to the driving fear behind swimming in an open ocean.
  • Fear of Pain and Suffering — a lot of people are more so afraid of the actual act of dying than “death” itself. They may be worried that death will be accompanied by a lot of physical pain and suffering. This is normal, especially if you think of death in terms of terminal illnesses.
  • Fear of Non-Existence — another reason that someone may fear death is because they begin thinking about how they will cease to exist. This can be a difficult truth to face, and is also commonly associated with religious or spiritual related fears.
  • Spiritual-Related Fears — some people become more afraid of death due to their religious beliefs. While certain individuals find comfort and confidence in an afterlife, others may be afraid for the results of their eternity or eternal punishment.
  • Fear of Losing Control — it’s normal to want to control situations about your life. Yet you have no control over the fact that you will someday die. This can often result in avoidance behaviors or obsessive health checks in an attempt to gain control over the idea of death.
  • Fear of Leaving Behind Loved Ones — another contributor to the fear of death is the thought of what will happen to your loved ones when you’re gone. This tends to be a driving force behind unease for caregivers and parents.
Many people who experience thanatophobia may experience panic attacks when they imagine the passage of time toward death

Understanding Thanatophobia

It is possible to overcome your fear of death and live a fulfilling life

Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Death

Work on Acceptance

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Practice Mindfulness

Cultivate Meaning

Make Plans for Your Future

Talk About Death

Cryopreservation can provide individuals with a potential hope for a second chance at life

How is Cryopreservation Associated with the Fear of Dying?

  • A Chance for a More Life — most of the people that choose cryopreservation do so because they genuinely love living. They enjoy pursuing their passion and achieving their goals and aren’t ready to give all of that up. Cryopreservation gives them the possible chance to extend life and continue enjoying it for longer (maybe even forever). This, not fear of death, is the primary motivation behind signing up for cryopreservation.
  • Curious About the Future — another reason that many people decide to sign up for cryopreservation is out of simple curiosity. They’re interested in seeing how things evolve and develop over time. Will there be flying cars? Intergalactic space travel? Alien life forms living on Earth? Will aging be cured? All of these questions and more act as motivators for cryonics.
  • Why Not? — many people who sign up for cryopreservation also do so because… well, why not? The alternative is either being buried or cremated, both of which options are absolutes.




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