Frequent Complicated Questions About Cryonics

Questions about cryonics

Some of the topics that worry people the most are related to its legality, it’s ethics, and the chances of revival.

Is cryonics legal in my country?

Different European countries have different laws related to burial practices. To avoid any possible local difficulty resulting from this, cryonics providers have found an alternative way. Instead of classifying cryopreservation as a burial practice, it’s legally framed as scientific research.

Is cryonics an ethical choice?

There is a wide misunderstanding of what cryonics actually is and of the reasons why people make this choice. Many relate cryonics with selfishness, for example, or think that it’s a way to achieve immortality.

How far away are we from revival?

One of the most common questions is: when will revival be possible? The honest answer is, it is not possible to predict exactly when revival will happen, as significant medical developments are still needed.

Questions about Tomorrow

Additionally, people have questions specifically about Tomorrow Biostasis. Since we are a young company, some people may be skeptical about our ability to deliver our promises. This is why we have created a structure that is as secure and transparent as possible.

How do I know this is not a scam?

The rumor that cryonics is a scam is almost as old as cryonics itself. This is because the success of cryonics is based on a technology that doesn’t exist yet. When choosing a biostasis provider, it is important to make sure that it is legally committed to its mission.

What happens if you go bankrupt?

Tomorrow Biostasis is structured to be significantly more financially stable than most companies. Since our cryopreserved patients’ security is of primary importance, we decided to store them at the European Biostasis Foundation. Since EBF is a non-profit organization, it would not be affected by any change at Tomorrow Biostasis. EBF’s funding sources are also not dependent on Tomorrow Biostasis. This means that, if anything ever happened to Tomorrow, our patients would be completely safe, since EBF supervises their storage.

Our co-founders in front of Tomorrow’s standby ambulance

How do you make sure I will not just be dumped in the street after revival?

Since revival may take some time to be achieved, our members would wake up in a future that is in some ways different from today’s reality. Society changes constantly and there is a chance that people who lived in the past may find some things from the future unusual. For this reason, it is important that our patients get our support once they wake up.



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