Hibernation vs Cryopreservation

Nearly all plants go dormant when temperatures are low. During dormancy, growth stops and the plant remains in a state of rest until good growing conditions return.


How hibernation works

Bears don’t actually hibernate but enter a state called torpor — which can last for more than 100 consecutive days. During that time, their urine is turned into protein

Use in medicine

  • Therapeutic hypothermia is a treatment currently used in some hospitals to reduce damages connected to cardiac arrests and strokes. When the heart stops beating, the tissues (like the brain) get damaged because of the lack of oxygen. By lowering the body temperature in a controlled environment, they can reduce the rate of consumption of oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) demand. This way, they have more time to get the heartbeat going before the damage kicks in.
  • Although hibernating animals do not move for extended periods of time, they do not experience muscle atrophy. Several studies are trying to understand how they manage to minimize loss of muscle mass. This discovery could help treat muscle disorders and help patients who are bedridden for long periods.
  • Likewise, understanding the lack of bone deterioration in hibernating animals, even after long sedentary periods, could lead to new ways of treating degenerative bone diseases, like osteoporosis.
  • Induced suspended animation could help treat cancer. The lowered metabolic rate could slow down the spread of tumors inside their tissues, giving the doctors more time to treat the patient. At the same time, by reducing healthy cells’ need for oxygen, it would allow the use of higher doses of chemotherapy. This would be fatal for non-hibernated patients.


Why cryopreservation is not freezing

Ice formations have sharp edges

Possible life saving procedure

Successful revival would completely revolutionize the healthcare system




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