How AI Is Changing The Healthcare System

Improved doctors’ training


Drug Research

  • AI can predict potentially effective molecules with more accuracy, saving time and money usually spent on compounds that end up being ineffective.
  • It can also suggest compounds itself, after predicting tha they have all the desired properties required for success.
  • Finally, AI can take care of many repetitive tasks that usually require several hours to be done.

Improved patient care


End of life care

Improved treatment of diseases

Early detection & diagnostic


  • Preoperative phase: AI can provide real-time analysis of a patient’s data combined with their clinical history, and assess a specific risk score. The surgeons can use this data as a tool for decision making.
  • Intraoperative phase: AI can monitor real-time data to predict and avoid adverse events.
  • Postoperative phase: AI can monitor recovery and predict possible complications.




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