How Do We Get Notified In Case Of Sudden Death?

Tomorrow Bio is equipped to begin the process of cryopreservation in loco

The SST / Standby Team

The Tomorrow Bio standby team is on call 24/7 to take action in the case of a sudden death notification

How is Tomorrow Bio Notified in Case of Sudden Death?

The Steps of Notification

Notification Through Tomorrow Bio’s Wristband or Necklace

  • Your membership card
  • Your Tomorrow Bio wristband (or a necklace on request)
  • A few emergency cards
  • A template for your last will
  • A template for your patient advance directive (PAD)
  • A letter from our CEO, Dr. Emil Kendziorra welcoming you to the Tomorrow Bio community.
The Tomorrow Bio wristband should be worn at all times. It helps prompt swift notification of the standby team
Tomorrow Bio’s app works on all operating systems and can be installed directly on your smartphone

Notification Through the Tomorrow Bio App

Notification Through Next of Kin

Notification Through the Attending Physician

The sooner Tomorrow Bio is notified after a sudden death, the better

How to Improve Circumstances for Sudden Death




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