Interview: David Wood On Transhumanism

The Cryonics community is formed by people who believe in a greater future

David Wood — Active Transhumanist

Transhumanism is usually defined as a philosophical and social movement that promotes the research and development of human-enhancing technologies. Pursuing a future life that goes beyond current human possibilities. However, this definition is rather reductive. As philosophies often do, transhumanism branches out in many different areas. David Wood, as Chair of London Futurists, Executive Director of Transpolitica, futurist consultant and pioneer of the smartphone industry, has been discussing and researching these areas.

  • How did you come across transhumanism theories for the first time? And cryonics?
David Wood shows “Engines of Creation” from Eric Drexler
  • How does being an active transhumanist influence your everyday life?
  • What would you recommend to someone who is coming across transhumanist theories for the first time?
The human android robot Alter recreates human movements at the Mirakian museum, Tokyo
  • Which challenges connected to human-enhancing innovations are we currently facing and how are we facing them?
Innovations proceed well when commercially-motivated companies are willing to invest
  • In cryonics, as in transhumanism, we often hear people arguing that future technologies will widen the gap between wealthier and less wealthy people. What is your opinion on this?
Good politics are needed so that new technologies will be available for everybody everywhere in the world
  • In your view, will traditional religions and transhumanism find a way to coexist in the future?
  • Why do you think some people are upset by the idea of “immortality” while at the same time would love to be able to live longer?
  • If more people would embrace transhumanism and biostasis, we would probably see more public talk, more investments and therefore faster results. But how do we involve people that are too busy with their everyday issues to care about the future?
  • Many people oppose cryonics with very pessimistic views. A common comment we receive is: “Why would I ever want to wake up in a dystopian and unwelcoming future?” How would you reply to this comment?
David Wood talks of a future of “sustainable superabundance”, where clean resources will be widely available
  • What is the relationship between transhumanism and cryonics in your opinion?
  • If you could make people reflect about something, what would it be?
An earlier commitment and investment in Biostasis would help the field grow faster


Technological research is in continuous progress and innovations will change the way we live — as computers and smartphones already did only a few decades ago. As David Wood said: “ what’s needed is to harness the acceleration of technology, steering it in specific ways”. Embrace the changes that technology will bring to our lives and drive them in a direction that will be optimal for humanity as a whole.



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