Interview: Kai Micah Mills On Pet Cryopreservation

Kai Micah Mills — high school dropout and founder of Cryopets

Emil: Do you want to quickly introduce yourself initially before we dig into what you’re doing?

Cryopets webpage

Emil: It seems to be a common path to start from longevity and then move over to cryopreservation. What made you interested in cryopreservation in the first place?

Emil: So you come from a religious background or like a spiritual background?

Emil: Before diving deep into philosophical questions, what does Cryopets actually do?

Emil: Is there anything fundamentally different between procedures for humans and animals?

Humans are bigger and more complex mammals

Emil: Are you planning to collaborate with organizations and animal hospitals or you’ll build everything from scratch?

Emil: Existing cryopreservation organizations already do offer pet cryopreservation, but in your mind, that’s the wrong way around right?

Emil: Do you already have a plan on when you would be able to cryopreserve your first pet?

In a few years, there might be cryopreservation available at your vet

Emil: So I guess you’re planning to have your cat cryopreserved as well, right?

A picture of Kai’s cat from his Twitter account

Emil: What are your next steps in the company, what’s currently top of mind?

Emil: Do you think that the biggest challenge for pet cryopreservation will be more on the science side or the marketing side?

Would you cryopreserve your furry friend?

Emil: What do you think is the strongest argument to make people decide if cryopreservation is for them or not?

Kai Micah Mills and Dr. Emil Kenziorra talking about the future of pet cryopreservation




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