Interview: Max Marty & Daniel Walters On Creating A Cryonics Community

Dr. Emil Kendziorra, Max Marty and Daniel Walters at the Biostasis2021 Conference

Max Marty & Daniel Walters

The importance of community building

When did you hear about cryonics for the first time? Did it take you time to understand that it was something for you?

Before you built The Cryosphere Discord server, how did you connect with people interested in the topic?

What are the challenges of creating a community and keeping it active? And what are the specifics of a community revolving on an “unusual” topic such as cryonics?

Check out the Discord server “The Cryosphere”

Besides creating and taking care of The Cryosphere, you are also the founders of the Cryonics Underground podcast. Can you tell me more about this project, its goals and challenges?

The Cryonics Underground podcast logo

Do you see any change or evolution within the cryonics community in the last years? Do you already see some results coming from your effort in building a cryonics community?

What are the most common doubts, fears and hopes that members of the Cryosphere share? Do you see a common thread?

Daniel Walters & Max Marty

What differentiates cryocrastinators from those who sign up and join the community? Did you gain any useful insight by talking to them on Discord?

What are your expectations and hopes for the future of the cryonics community? What are your main concerns?

Do you have any projects in mind (related to cryonics) that you would like to work on in the future? Is there any potential channel or idea you haven’t explored yet?

If you could make people reflect about something, what would it be?

What can each of us do to help the development of the biostasis field?

The Cryonics Underground podcast




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