Interview: Rafael Hostettler on Artificial Intelligence

Rafael Hostettler — building robots, medtech & stories

  • How and when did your interest in AI start? Were you inspired by someone?
  • You are creating humanoid bodies. What is the hardest human capability to reproduce on an artificial body?
  • Let’s imagine you are finally able to upload your brain to a robotic body. What will the pros and cons be?
  • How do you see AI positively (or negatively) influencing our current society? And how can AI and cryonics help each other?
  • What do you think the future will look like once, and if, we will all reach immortality?
  • According to you, how will humans and AI coexist? Do you think that there is a chance that robots will become able to “reign” over humans?
  • Are many people concerned about AI or do you see more interest than fear?
  • AI could help create a more equal society. But how do we make sure that we are going in this direction?
  • If you could make people reflect about something, what would that be?

Rafael Hostettler’s talk at Biostasis2021




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