Interview: Rafael Hostettler on Artificial Intelligence

Rafael Hostettler — building robots, medtech & stories

To have a better understanding of AI’s potential, we interviewed one of our brilliant Biostasis2021 speakers. Rafael Hostettler is the founder and CEO of the humanoid telepresence robotics company Devanthro. Him and his team are working on the creation of robodies: artificial bodies that have all the qualities of a human body without its fragility. The aim is to go beyond the human limit set by biological death. As our body degrades, our mind can be digitally uploaded to a sort of Cloud. From there, it can be connected to robodies, allowing us to be wherever we want, controlling a body that has a wide variety of capabilities that we are able to create. Let’s have a look at Rafael Hostettler’s vision of AI.

  • How and when did your interest in AI start? Were you inspired by someone?
  • You are creating humanoid bodies. What is the hardest human capability to reproduce on an artificial body?
  • Let’s imagine you are finally able to upload your brain to a robotic body. What will the pros and cons be?
  • How do you see AI positively (or negatively) influencing our current society? And how can AI and cryonics help each other?
  • What do you think the future will look like once, and if, we will all reach immortality?
  • According to you, how will humans and AI coexist? Do you think that there is a chance that robots will become able to “reign” over humans?
  • Are many people concerned about AI or do you see more interest than fear?
  • AI could help create a more equal society. But how do we make sure that we are going in this direction?
  • If you could make people reflect about something, what would that be?

Rafael Hostettler’s talk at Biostasis2021

Rafael’s talk at the Biostasis2021 was definitely one of the most anticipated and perhaps controversial of the whole conference. He spoke about wealth management while in cryostasis. In fact, when patients are declared legally dead, they lose the ownership of their possessions. What strategies could we use to try to accumulate wealth that could be returned to us after revival? If you want to know, check the full speech in the video below.


Artificial intelligence is currently changing the world we live in. Every field from healthcare, transportation, agriculture and entertainment to name a few, is implementing some AI solutions. We are at the very beginning of a technological revolution.



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