Robert Ettinger — The Father Of Cryonics

At very low temperatures it is possible, right now, to preserve dead people with essentially no deterioration, indefinitely.
(Robert Ettinger, The Prospect of Immortality)

From science fiction to reality

The Prospect of Immortality

Ettinger’s work in cryonics

Robert Ettinger C. W. close to a cryogenic storage dewar — Cryonics Institute

CI’s 106th cryopreservation

  • Firstly, they arranged for 24 hour nursing care, both to provide Ettinger with every comfort and to make sure they knew the exact moment to start the procedure. The 3 nurses had to be trained on what to do in case Ettinger stopped breathing or if he showed signs of imminent death.
  • Secondly, they got him into hospice care. This was crucial to ensure that there was a competent person nearby who could officially declare legal death (thus starting the procedure).
  • Thirdly, they made an arrangement with Emergency Medical Services (EMS), to ensure there was a person to declare legal death — even if it took place in the middle of the night.
  • Finally, they prepared coolers filled with ice along with the iron heart to pump blood during the cooling process, provided by CI.




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