Startups Doing Their Best To Extend Human Longevity

Startups working to extend human longevity

Is it possible to extend human longevity?

Altos Labs

Cell reprogramming to achieve longevity

Calico Labs

Calico Labs longevity startup


R&D is at the core of these longevity startups


Mammoth Biosciences

Cut and edit DNA to treat diseases


Ketones may help us live longer lives


Image credit: Proscia


Fauna Bio

Image credit: Fauna Bio

Tomorrow Biostasis

Tomorrow Biostasis co-founders Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro and Emil Kendziorra




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Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

We are a Berlin based longevity company committed to advancing Biostasis technology and promoting it in a simple and transparent way.