Tomorrow’s 2021 — And Outlook For 2022

High-level goals for 2022:

  1. Grow our membership to provide better service and cover a larger area.
  2. Learn more about marketing and communication to better explain the topic.
  3. Continuously improve medical infrastructure at our locations and help local teams to cover their community.
  4. Be fully autonomous in Europe, for now, long-term care is mostly still in the US. This will of course change once the storage facility in Switzerland opens up.
  5. Provide more information and a better explanation to reach everybody who’s interested in the topic. Not only in English but in all languages spoken in Europe.





Marketing & Communication





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Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

We are a Berlin based longevity company committed to advancing Biostasis technology and promoting it in a simple and transparent way.