Tomorrow’s 2021 — And Outlook For 2022

High-level goals for 2022:

  1. Grow our membership to provide better service and cover a larger area.
  2. Learn more about marketing and communication to better explain the topic.
  3. Continuously improve medical infrastructure at our locations and help local teams to cover their community.
  4. Be fully autonomous in Europe, for now, long-term care is mostly still in the US. This will of course change once the storage facility in Switzerland opens up.
  5. Provide more information and a better explanation to reach everybody who’s interested in the topic. Not only in English but in all languages spoken in Europe.


Just over a year ago, after setting up the required medical infrastructure, we officially opened our doors and allowed the first members to sign up. Initially, 1–2 new members signed up per month. Now, we’re the fastest-growing cryopreservation provider worldwide with the most members in DACH. To note: we only offer whole-body cryopreservation, with full SST (standby, stabilization, transport), strict informed consent required, and only accept members in Europe.


The core medical infrastructure was set up by January 2021. We only launched once cryopreservation coverage was possible. Nevertheless, just as with R&D, improving infrastructure never stops. In 2021 we added a new perfusion system, better monitoring tools, training dummies, flight kits, and much more.


As explained in more depth in our research roadmap, our primary focus is on development rather than basic research. This will change over time but in 2022 it is still very much the case.


While not directly done by Tomorrow, one of the milestones in Europe is the grand opening of the first European Long-term Care Facility. Tomorrow will primarily work with EBF, the non-profit foundation running the facility in Switzerland for the secure long-term cryopreservation storage of its patients. The facility will open in the next few months in Switzerland. Apart from long-term care it will also include a Medical Imaging Facility for quality control, labs for translational, applied, and basic research, office space, and much more.

Marketing & Communication

In 2021 we learned the fundamentals — how to explain Biostasis comprehensively, how to make sure that interested people have enough information to make an informed decision, which questions are asked the most, and much more.


In 2021 we’ve filled all positions needed to offer high-quality cryopreservations, handle the day to day of member contracts and support, improve the technology and run the organization in a responsible way. In 2022 we’ll add a layer of senior people to grow the organization further, a full-time surgeon will join to grow and professionalize our SST teams and we’ll add several engineers.


While hosted by EBF the annual Biostasis conference series is an important event for Tomorrow as well. In 2021 a large part of our team participated and helped out to run the conference. With 100+ on-site and Switzerland and 1000+ online it was a highly valuable event to bring the Biostasis research community together. We’re very much looking forward to seeing everybody again in 2022.



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