What Is The Link Between Transhumanism And Cryonics?

Are all cryonicists also transhumanists?


“Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.” — Max More (1990)


The CRISPR method for editing genes was invented only in 2012


The smallest graphene ribbons ever created measure just 12nm in width

Mind Uploading and Metaverse

These two might not be directly related, but they are part of the same sphere of digital-related technologies. Mind Uploading also referred to as whole brain emulation, is not exactly a science as much as a goal to be reached.

Cryonics (aka Biostasis)

This brings us to cryonics. This is an advanced medical procedure that makes use of extremely low temperatures to preserve human bodies for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The procedure has to be done after the legal death of an individual, since the process requires substituting as many bodily fluids as possible, including blood, with antifreeze agents. After slowly reaching a temperature of -196°C, the whole body undergoes a process called “vitrification“ that results in the complete immobilization of the cells. If maintained correctly, this state can preserve the body indefinitely. The goal is to wait for as much time as needed for technology to catch up and one day be able to revive the patients.

Technological Singularity and AI

AI could learn how to build better AI


Finally, how are transhumanism and cryonics connected? On the surface, biostasis is little more than another one of the sciences followed with hope by transhumanists, much like advancements in nanotechnology or biotechnology. In reality though, there’s a big difference separating biostasis from all the rest. The first half of the breakthrough in this field, arguably the most important, is already here. We “just” need to be able to bring back patients from the cryogenic sleep, but we can already accurately preserve them. If you are interested in seeing first-hand how technologies will develop hundreds of years from now, cryonics can already offer you a way to do that. Unless you signed up to have your body cryopreserved, chances are you won’t be able to witness how the world will look like in 2250. So why not do it? At Tomorrow Biostasis we offer accessible plans and a complete guide to help you know more about cryonics and take the leap of a lifetime.



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