What Is The Metaverse?

What’s a Metaverse?

The Big Players


Oculus Quest 2 — Meta’s newest VR-headset model enabling users to immerse themselves into virtual worlds.


Augmented Reality enhances our life by putting virtual layers into physical space that are only visible through smart devices

The Small Players

Second Life & VRChat

Second Life has been online for almost 20 years now
(Image credit: Second Life)

Blockchain Worlds

Decentraland is overseen by the nonprofit Decentraland Foundation
(Image credit: Decentraland)

The Players

Minecraft enables you to build your own virtual world
(Image credit: Minecraft / Mojang)

Epic Games


Minecraft and more

Virtual worlds take influence from real life, while putting their own artistic spin on it
(Image credit: Genshin Impact / Hoyoverse)




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