What Makes An Organization Last For Hundreds Of Years?

So What Makes Companies Endure for So Long?

Fish Market at Odawara-chô, Nihonbashi, Edo. 18th century.

Sustaining Organizations and their Longevity

  • 20,000 companies with more than 100 years;
  • 1,200 companies with more than 200 years
  • 600 companies with more than 300 years;
  • 30 companies with more than 500 years;
  • 5 companies with more than 1000 years!!!
Foundation Year of some of the Japanese oldest companies

Way of Doing Business in Japan

Japanese Entrepreneurs Philosophy

Confucius dreamed of a society that didn’t require laws
Some German intellectuals wouldn’t agree with the Japanese establishment

Japanese Employees Philosophy

Zen Master Dōgen, founded the Soto Zen School of Buddhism in Japan in 1223.

The Eight Principles of Corporate Perpetuity

  • Principle 1 — Leadership Driven by Clear Values, Vision & Mission
  • Principle 2 — Long Term Viewpoint & Strategic Approach
  • Principle 3 — Importance of People & Human Merit System
  • Principle 4 — Customer Oriented and Building the Economy
  • Principle 5 — Socially Minded and Building the Nation
  • Principle 6 — Continuous Innovation and Change
  • Principle 7 — Frugality and Efficient Use of Natural Resources
  • Principle 8 — Efforts to Embody and Generate Culture & Legacy‍




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