Which Is The Best Cryonics Company For You?

Tomorrow Biostasis

  • Transportation of the standby team to the patient’s location
  • Field cryoprotectant (FCP) procedure
  • Transportation of the patient to EBF’s long term storage facility
  • Vitrification and completement of the procedure
  • Long term indefinite storage
  • Future revival, depending, of course, on the advance of medical technology
Tomorrow Biostasis co-founders with the standby ambulance

Cryonics Institute

Inside CI’s storage facility — image credits: Cryonics Institute

Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Inside Alcor’s storage facility — image credits: Alcor

Which one is better for you?

  • How accessible is the area you live, in case of sudden death?
  • Would you be willing to relocate in case of terminal illness?
  • Where do you want to be stored — and probably revived?
  • How much are you willing or capable of paying?
  • Do you want to organize initial standby and transportation yourself or do you want someone else to plan it for you?

Select providers covering other regions


Southern Cryonics




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Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

We are a Berlin based longevity company committed to advancing Biostasis technology and promoting it in a simple and transparent way. www.tomorrowbiostasis.com