Why Is It Hard To Rewarm Cells After Cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation lowers core temperatures of cells to about -196°C

How Does Cryopreservation Work?

Vitrification and Preservation

Single cells should be quickly rewarmed in a water bath following cryopreservation

Rewarming Cells After Cryopreservation

The Rewarming Process

Without the necessary precautions in place, cellular damage or death can occur during rewarming

Challenges of Rewarming Single Cells


Cellular Viability

Rewarming complex organisms, like the human body, brings a whole new set of challenges

Challenges of Rewarming Complex Cells and Organisms

Potential Future Revival Technologies

Conventional Cell Repair

Molecular Reconstruction

Scanning the body and the brain for reconstruction requires extreme precision

Destructive Vs. Nondestructive Scans and Reconstruction

The process of freezing and rewarming single cells is much less complex than cryopreserving complex cells and organisms





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