Why The Growth Of Our Cryonics Community Is Important

Lower costs

Cryopreservation is not a cheap procedure. Using term life insurance can make the monthly cost affordable, but the final coverage cost at the present moment is still 200.000 euros (or 300.000 when choosing a Platinum plan). Our members will need to cover this cost in some way, if their life insurance expires before they need to be cryopreserved. By increasing our members, we could be able to change this figure.

Economics of scale graphic by Economics Help

More standby teams

A standby team is a medical team of doctors, EMTs and trained personnel specialized in the most advanced standby procedures. The faster a standby team reaches you after your legal death, the higher quality your cryopreservation will be. In fact, when you die, your tissue and organs start to degrade. If the cryopreservation process starts fast, we can secure a lower level of degradation and a higher percentage of the ”real you” preserved for future revival.

Tomorrow Biostasis’ standby ambulance

Your local standby team

At the moment, we have a standby team available in Berlin, one in Amsterdam through a partner and we will shortly have one in Zurich. These teams can easily cover all of Europe and be dispatched elsewhere when necessary. Nevertheless, since we have members in Italy, Spain, France and many other countries, our goal is to increase the number of our standby teams.

Improved procedures thanks to higher investment in R&D

The growth of our cryonics community will result in a higher investment in R&D. This means many things:

  • Better perfusion and cooling technologies, always up-to-date.
  • Improvement of cryoprotectant agents to guarantee a lower amount of toxicity and therefore a less complex future revival.
  • Possible development of a whole-body ITS (Intermediate Temperature Storage). By developing a way to store our clients at a higher temperature than the actual -196 degrees Celsius, we would guarantee a lower thermal stress. This may help for future revival.
  • Additional attention to monitoring and reporting, to gather useful information.
  • Focus on repairing the body for future revival. The process done to cryopreserve a patient will need to be undone for revival to happen.
Investments in R&D assure a continuous equipment improvement

Better and faster chances of revival

Last but not least, more money invested in R&D means that we will achieve revival better and faster. Cryopreservation is a pioneristic life-saving science. To achieve our final goals we need a lot of research and the support of the Biostasis community.

The sooner the revival, the easier it will be for you to reintegrate

Increase stability in the Biostasis industry

Tomorrow Biostasis and its partner organization, EBF, are built to last. Many measures were taken to ensure the stability and safety of Tomorrow Biostasis’ members. However, the Biostasis industry has existed only since the 70s and it hasn’t grown as fast as is needed. At Tomorrow Biostasis we want to change this. By creating awareness and bringing cryonics to Europe, we want to help create a stable foundation for this extraordinary industry.

Growth helps stabilizing the Biostasis community

More awareness

One of the main reasons why so many people don’t choose to be cryopreserved is because they don’t even know that cryopreservation exists. And when they know something about it, it’s often through a sci-fi movie. This could lead to some misconceptions about the topic.

Talk about cryonics with the people around you

Make it mainstream

Let’s be honest. Cryonics is an uncommon topic and when you talk about it… some people may look at you weirdly. But people looked weirdly at those who decided to invest in cryptocurrencies in early 2009. They said it was a scam. But since more and more people decided to invest in it, their value grew and slowly became more mainstream. Today many of those who believed in crypto and bought Bitcoins are millionaires. And the ones that looked at them weirdly probably regret they didn’t buy some as well.

We all should be aware about the possibility of cryonics


The growth of our cryonics community is important for many reasons. And all these reasons will benefit our members in some way. You are pioneers of an experimental science that may change the way we live. But to make this change happen, we need to grow the number of our members.



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