Why The Growth Of Our Cryonics Community Is Important

Lower costs

Economics of scale graphic by Economics Help

More standby teams

Tomorrow Biostasis’ standby ambulance

Your local standby team

Improved procedures thanks to higher investment in R&D

  • Better perfusion and cooling technologies, always up-to-date.
  • Improvement of cryoprotectant agents to guarantee a lower amount of toxicity and therefore a less complex future revival.
  • Possible development of a whole-body ITS (Intermediate Temperature Storage). By developing a way to store our clients at a higher temperature than the actual -196 degrees Celsius, we would guarantee a lower thermal stress. This may help for future revival.
  • Additional attention to monitoring and reporting, to gather useful information.
  • Focus on repairing the body for future revival. The process done to cryopreserve a patient will need to be undone for revival to happen.
Investments in R&D assure a continuous equipment improvement

Better and faster chances of revival

The sooner the revival, the easier it will be for you to reintegrate

Increase stability in the Biostasis industry

Growth helps stabilizing the Biostasis community

More awareness

Talk about cryonics with the people around you

Make it mainstream

We all should be aware about the possibility of cryonics




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Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH

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